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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kyocera launches Ultra-tough Torque X01 flip feature phone, that is the first to meet 18 US military standards

Japanese company Kyocera has been in news recently for the washable smartphone it has released recently.The latest phone from Kyocera is Torque X01 which is a rugged feature phone with a flip design. What makes it worth mentioning is its unique build. 

Kyocera launches Ultra-tough Torque X01 flip feature phone, that is the first to meet 18 US military standards

According to the company Torque X01 is a super tough phone and compiles with the 18 separate categories of the US military’s MIL-STD-810G procurement standards. However, the U.S military does not test the phones and there are instances in the past where few companies have come up claiming to have passed the military tests. The phone has corner guard and front metal ring that protects display and there is also camera bumper on the back. However similar to the earlier washable smartphone Torque X01 will be available only in Japan.

Apart from the Unique build Torque X01  has the following features

-Torque X01 will be available in two colour variants-Silver and Red
-The handset is also equipped with a 3.4-inch FWVGA liquid crystal display that allows direct viewing in sunlight
-A 13MP camera with HD recording and phase detection AF for quick focussing
dual front-facing speakers with high volume for audio clarity outdoors up to 100 dB
-The touch keys are large and embossed and can be operated even with  gloves
-The phone is powered byQualcomm snapdragon 1.1GHz quad-core processor
-It also supports Wi-Fi® (802.11 b/g/n) and  4G LTE
-The device offers an expandable memory card slot (up to 32GB)
-Flashlight feature that can be set to blink to signal user location in dark settings
-The phone features built-in -apps like temperature, weather, altitude, tides, and even the activity level of fishes.
-Also, the phone offers outdoor audio signals such as whistle or loud buzzer to indicate emergencies

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Torque X01 has been subjected to undergo tests under the following 18 categories

-Blowing rain of 1.7mm/min for 30 minutes in six directions
-Immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5m
-Rain drops from a height of 1m (15 minutes)
-Sand and dust for six consecutive hours (wind speed of 8.9m/sec, concentration of 10.6g/m3)
-Dropping on plywood (lauan lumber) from a height of approx. 1.22m in 26 directions
-Shock of 40G imparted three times from six directions with a unit attached to the shock tester
-Vibration for three hours (one hour/20-2,000Hz in three directions)
-Solar radiation for 10 days with exposure to radiation of 1,120W/m2 for 20 consecutive hours each day
-Humidity for 10 days in a row (humidity of 95%)
-High temperature (operation/storage) three consecutive hours at 50°C for operation and four consecutive hours at 60°C for storage
-Low temperature (operation/storage) three consecutive hours at -21°C for operation and four consecutive hours at -30°C for storage
-Temperature shock with rapid temperature changes between -21 and 50°C for three consecutive hours
-Low pressure (operation/storage) for two consecutive hours (equivalent to 57.2kPa / an altitude of approx. 4,572m)
-Freeze-thaw in which a condensation or fog is created at -10°C for one hour following an operation check at 25°C at 95%RH
-Icing/Freezing Rain in which cooling water is frozen at -10°C into ice with a thickness of 6mm


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