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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Couples with Obesity may take 50-59 percent longer time to achieve pregnancy: Study

A new study by the Researchers from National Institute of health has found that couples in which both partners are obese take 55-59% longer to achieve pregnancy. Earlier studies have focussed more on the obesity of only the female partner with regard to pregnancy.

Couples with Obesity may take 50-59 per cent longer to achieve pregnancy: Study

Research study

  • Researchers examined  501 couples from Michigan and texas from 2005-2009
  • The age group of women ranged from 18-44 years and men are above 18 years old
  • women recorded their monthly menstrual cycles, intercourse and results of pregnancy tests in the journals
  • The researchers followed the couples up to one year of trying to conceive or up to pregnancy
  • Researchers also took into account Body Mass Index of the participants and divided the couples into two groups
  • obese class I (with a BMI from 30 to 34.9) and the most obese group, obese class II (a BMI of 35 or greater).
  • Researcher then compared the average time to achieve pregnancy among couples of obese group and nonobese group
The researchers used a statistical measure called Fecundability Odd ratios (FOR) to calculate the probability of couple to achieve pregnancy. The FODestimates couple's ability to achieve pregnancy in each menstrual cycle relative to their Body Mass Index (BMI). Couples of the non-obese group recorded FOR of 1 and Obese group couples had a FOR of 0.45 and that indicates they took 55% longer than Obese couples to achieve pregnancy. 

When the researchers took other factors into account such as age, smoking status, physical activity level and cholesterol level the FOR of obese couples dropped to 0.41 indicates they take 59% longer to achieve pregnancy. The current study focussed only on the couples of the general population and did not take into account those couples undergoing treatment for fertility.

The authors conclude that obesity reduces the fertility chances and the doctors must also take into account while counseling couples regarding pregnancy. Apart of the health benefits associated with healthy weight such as reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancer etc, researchers suggest that it also aids couples to achieve pregnancy in short time.

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