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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Want to live younger without wrinkles? Then you should eat less as high calorie intake speeds up aging: Research

Wrinkles on the skin are becoming a major problem even in mid aged people. People use expensive anti-wrinkle creams to get rid of these wrinkles. There is million dollar industry behind these fairness creams.

Scientists say that the moisturizer creams go only a skin deeper but aging occurs at the cellular level which these creams does not have a role to play.

Want to live younger without wrinkles? Then you should eat less as high calorie intake speeds up aging: Research

You know there is a much cheaper way to get rid of these wrinkles? but not that easiest. A new research says that eating less gets rid of aging-related issues and protect against grey hair and stiff bones. Scientists say that when you restrict calorie intake, this will allow you to live longer.

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Research methodology:

-Researchers from Brigham Young University used two groups of mice to test the effects of calorie consumption
-One group of mice was given unlimited food, while another group of mice was restricted to consume 35% less food
-In terms of humans, the calorie count could be equivalent of young man cutting down to 1560 calories per day from 2500 and women cutting down to 1300 calories per day from 2000.

The outcome of the Research:

-The mice group whose calories are restricted lived energetically and suffered fewer diseases.
- Scientists claim that when you cut down the calorie intake, there will be a linear increase in life span.
-Scientists inferred this to changes in the biochemical reaction which slowed down the process of aging.
- Scientists found out that when Ribosomes (makes proteins inside the cell) slow down, the aging process also slows down. The decreased speed also reduce the production of Ribosomes but gives time to repair themselves.
-Researchers explained the process in a more simpler way.  Ribosomes are like a car which requires periodic maintenance. when your car gets damaged, you will not go for buying a new car, instead, you will try to buy spare parts which are available at cheaper price.
- Reduced calorie intake causes decreased Ribosome production which gives time for them to go for repair.

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The role of Ribosomes in aging:

-Ribosomes, like cars, are most expensive and very important.
-They use 10-20 percent of the total cellular energy to make all the proteins necessary for the cell to operate. 
-Because of this, it is not practical to destroy an entire ribosome when it starts to malfunction.
-Repairing individual parts of the ribosome wherever required on a regular basis enables ribosomes to continue producing high-quality proteins for the longer time.
-This top-quality production keeps cells and the entire body functioning well.

Scientists say that it's not that these people live longer, they maintain their body in a way that they are younger for longer as well. 

The article was originally published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics offers one glimpse into how cutting calories impacts aging inside a cell.

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