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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lip motion password: Scientists develop hackproof identity authentication via lips for enhanced security

Scientists at the Hong Kong baptist university(HKBU) have come up with a novel solution to enhance the security of password authentication systems. This method of authentication is based on the lip motion detection and offers two-tier password authentication system.with the increase in the digital transactions day-by-day it becomes an absolute necessity to have a hack-proof security system. 

Lip motion password: Scientists develop Hackproof Biometric authentication via lips for enhanced security

Hackers are coming with novel ways to steal the identity in most cases as witnessed in the high-security breaches in recent times. The most common mode of authentication involve fingerprint and once the fingerprints are stolen we need to look for alternate ways of identity.

How does the Lip password authentication function?

-The new mode of authentication works based on the movement of person's lips.
-The system utilizes a combination of unique password coupled with specific lip motion -which the user pronounces the password
-This authentication checks for specific  features of the user's lips such as lip shape, texture, and movement
-So in a way offers double mode of security and it is very difficult to imitate the movements by the other person even if he knew the password
-The system clearly differentiates the way a password  spoken by the two persons
-The current mode of authentication also comes in handy in noisy environments and was found to be more consistent than other normal voice-based recognition protections
-This lip based system can be coupled with other existing facial recognition systems to further strengthen the authentication process
-Since the system is based on lip movement, there is no language restriction and any person from any country can set the password
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-May be used for financial transaction authentications that involve electronic payments via mobile devices, ATM machines, and credit card user passwords
-Can also be used in entrances of public buildings or private companies 

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