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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This revolutionary zero maintenance chainless bike is powered by tungsten gears and features RTS technology

Traditional bike chains offer many problems to the riders. The chain links often break and require tools to fix it or else you will be left out stranded. Most of the cases we are left with dirt after fixing a broken or loose chain. Also, the chains require regular maintenance that involves cleaning and lubrication. Keeping in view of all the problems, Florida-based inventor Sean Chen has come up with a solution with the creation of revolutionary chainless bike.

Revolutionary chainless bike powered by tungsten gears and RTS technology comes with zero maintainence

This light, versatile and portable chainless bike is designed in such a way that it offers maximum comfort to the rider. The bike is powered by tungsten gears that won't rust, comes with zero maintenance and offers smoother and quieter ride. Unlike traditional bikes where the rider sits in the center position, the chainless bike has seat located above the back wheel. The seat is also adjustable and comes in handy particularly during long rides.

However, the most exciting feature is the RTS (Rapid turning system) technology that allows the bikes rear wheel to turn freely allowing the rider to make the sharp turn with utmost ease.  Apart from it, the bike possesses many exciting features.
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Features of chainless bike

-This bike is available in four colour variants Bright yellow, Neon green, gloss white and bold orange
-The frame of the bike is made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy and is light and strong
-Available in two versions S1 and foldable version S1 F. The bike can be easily folded  within 15 seconds and does not require a separate bike rack
-Adjustable handle bar that can be set according to riders height and rubber banding on the handlebar offers firm grip to the rider
-The wheels are made of high-density magnesium alloy that increase the strength and durability as well and hence gives a stylish look and reduce reduces weight
-The front and back wheel of the bike are equipped with disc brakes that offer precise stopping
-Insulated cushion foam seat for hassle free long rides
-The chainless bike sports Implemented sprocket wheels and hence the pedal won't lock up while pedaling backward

The bike is currently part of kick starter campaign. Pledge levels begin at US$799 and the retail price of the bike is expected to be starting at $ 1000

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