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Saturday, April 6, 2019

These Are The Ages You Peak At Everything In Your Life According To Science; Know Them And Stay Alert At That Age

Aging is a continuous process and there has been a lot of debate going on around the world. People, as they age, think that they are loosing a lot of things they can do in their life. But according to a new study, it has been concluded that there are several things that you can do as you age. Few things can be down in the tender age but there are many that experience is required which can come as you age.

Here is the map of things that peak up during different ages of your life. Identifying and utilizing the proper age is essential before you scare about your aging. These are all concluded according to science and are not pure assumptions.

These Are The Ages You Peak At Everything In Your Life According To Science; Know Them And Stay Alert At That Age

1) It's easier to learn a second language when you are at age seven or eight:

Linguists still argue about this but it is a proved fact that it is easier to learn a second language at an age seven or eight, generally before you reach puberty.

2) The Brain's ability to process things peaks at 18:

Cognitive scientists have a method to find the processing power of a brain. Digit symbol coding test - Where the scientists equate symbols with numbers and then give you a string of numbers and ask you to match up to the symbols. This way scientists analyze the processing ability of one's brain. On an average, 18-year-old guys fare best in the given task.

3) People has maximum ability to remember unfamiliar names at the age of 22:

Many a time, you meet new people and introduce each other with names. It is most probable that you hear the names with one year and leave through the other ear. This will least happen for people at age 22, according to a study conducted in 2010.

4) Women are most attractive to men at the age of 22 and the men's attractiveness to women increases with the age:

According to the book Dataclysm, written by the co-founder of the online dating site OKCupid, men find women attractive at 20's. The attractiveness of 20's women is likely to remain same for men even in the latter age. 

Women in their 20s on the site favored liking somewhat older men (a year or two older than they were) and women in their 30s did like men a few years younger than them.

5) Life satisfaction peaks first at the age of 23:

A survey conducted in Germany on 23,000 people said that 23 old people are particularly satisfied with their lives.

6) Strength peaks at the age of 25:

The study says that people's muscles are stronger at the age of 25 and this tends to remain same for 10 years or more. This is one of the traits that can be improved with the exercise.

7) The peak age to settle is 26:

The 37% rule says that when you have plenty of options to take a decision in a limited amount of time, you can decide on the things when you have looked at 37% of the options.

In the same sense, at the age of 26 when you would have looked at the enough options to marry, you can decide the person to marry without looking further when you have looked at 37%.

And according to the research, the couple married between the ages 28 and 32, the divorce rate is very much lower.

8) The average age of elite marathoner is 28:

According to the 50-year analysis of marathon, the average age to complete a full marathon in two hours is 28.

9) Bone mass peaks at the age of about 30:

Your bones will be strongest and densest at the age of 30 and from there on they start to weaken. You have to take calcium and Vitamin D supplements to strength your bones.

10) Chess Play peaks at age of 31:

Scientists wanted to know whether the physical and intellectual skills function together. For this, the scientists studied the careers of 96 grandmasters and came to a conclusion that their careers peak at the age of 31.

11) Your ability to accurately learn new faces peak at the age of 32:

The ability to accurately recognize a person's face when you met him the second time is peaked at the age of 32. But nine years later may be it will be difficult to recognize and you should re-introduce each other.

12) On an average, Nobel Prize winners make their discovery at the 40s:

According to a research done by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Nobel Prize-winning research is done at 40 on an average by the researchers.

13) Men's salary peaks at 48 and women's salary peaks at 39:

According to a study by Payscale, men get their highest salary at the age of 48 ie., $95,000 and women gets it at the age of 39 at a median of $60,000. The women's salary is relatively lower because most women's career growth become slower after the 30s.

14) Your understanding power to read other's emotions peaks in your 40s and 50s:

Scientists studied about 10,000 people, showed them images cropped tightly around the person' eyes and asked them to describe what emotion the person imaged was feeling. The scientists observed a long plateau in people's 40s and 50s when the ability to precisely identify emotions based only on the eyes was obvious.

15) The arithmetic skills peak at the age of 50:

You might have studied and learned many lessons on arithmetics. But the 50-year-old people are better than you to solve the arithmetics than you.

16) Your life satisfaction peaks again at the age of 69:

Remember you have learned the study conducted in Germany which said that people at the age of 23 particularly had more life satisfaction. After a drop in middle age, life satisfaction peaks again at about 69 years old.

17) Men and women feel best about their looks after 70:

According to a Gallup survey, about two third of the Americans said that they always like the way they look at that age. Men's self-perception seems to peak in their early 80s, when about 75% agree with the declaration.

 "You always feel good about your physical appearance." Women's rates of agreeing with that statement is a little below 70% when they hit about 74 years old.

18) People make big decisions when their age ends in a 9: 

Researchers found that people who were 29, 39, 49, or 59 were more likely to make a big life change whether good or bad.

They found that these "9-enders" were more described in groups of people trying to have an affair, people killing themselves, and people running a marathon for the first time.

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