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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

9 Reasons why you should use Esocialwiz

Recently, I have come across a social media management tool called Esocialwiz while hunting the web for a tool which can manage all my social media accounts at one place at an affordable pricing plan. There are many out of the box features on Esocialwiz which you can find nowhere else. 

One thing you can find in common with other similar tools like Buffer, Co-Scheduler is that you can share and manage the content to all your social media accounts right from one place. The unique feature you can find only on ESocialwiz is that you have various tools to create designs for your posts using pre-loaded templates or you can choose your own, you can upload your business logo, add text and lastly, you can schedule the posts.

So, here are my 10 reasons why I use Esocialwiz and why you should use it

1) Rich Analytics Dashboard:

Through the dashboard, you can connect your social media accounts and view all your accounts at one place. And not only that, you can view all the posts you have posted, as well as your scheduled content. Not only that, you can view the statistics of the content you have posted. 

9 Reasons why you should use Esocialwiz

2) Schedule your Social Media content:

For the first time users, the site gives you step by step instructions on how to use the tool. The tool works like a magic wherein it makes it as easy to schedule your social media content to post at regular intervals where you can customize by giving a fitting time to post the content.

You can reach the tool from your dashboard. You have some great features in the tool like Future messages which display the scheduled content from where the content will be posted to the respective social media accounts. You also have the options to edit and delete the posts if you wish. 

The other options are the past messages and favorite messages which are quite obvious from the name itself.

3) Visual Composer: Compose rich templates:

As said above, Visual composer is one big thing in ESocialwiz that is one of the great tools you cannot miss using it. The first time users can have a clearcut guide through the on-screen instructions which can guide you through. 

The important thing about the visual composer is that you can create templates with 1 million stock photos for you social media content so that you can give a rich experience to your users. You can have an access to plethora of templates wherein you can even customize the template by resizing it, you can even add your business logo to it, add text with the customizable font. 

With such great features, you can forget about using Photoshop or related image editing software to create beautiful images for your social media accounts.

Once you create a template, as said before, you can schedule the post or even post it now to all your social media accounts.

9 Reasons why you should use Esocialwiz

4) Stream all your social media accounts at one place:

With streams, you can access all your social media accounts at one place and can see what is streaming on them at one place. So, by using streams, you need not visit your social media accounts separately; you can access all of them right on Esocialwiz and save a lot of time and energy. 

5) View Stats of all your social media accounts and save time:

Another great feature of Esocialwiz is that you can view the statistics of the content you have posted on your social media accounts. You can view the post reach, number of audiences, most successful content and audience over time.

6) Know what the audience are waiting for through Research tool:

Through this tool, know what is currently happening in the industry, trending social media content, and relevant videos and schedule the content with a single click. You have options to search on Youtube, Google News, Facebook, RSS feed and trending topics in the world. Using this tool, users can post unlimited content and even post viral videos from Youtube.

9 Reasons why you should use Esocialwiz

7) Top Class Control Panel:

The control panel provided is totally classy with all the required things displayed handy. You can view the PDF guides which are about using the services. In case you have a query, you can raise a ticket and view the status of the ticket in the control panel itself.

8) Affordable and versatile plans:

On the top, the plans and pricings are affordable and you have the option to choose from monthly and yearly plans. With the yearly plan, you even get 15% discount which saves your money.

9) Services offered from India itself:

You need not worry about the services and after sales support as the company has registered office in India from where they manage the services. So, there will be no communication gap in offering support to the customers.

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