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Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to protect your computer from 'Cryptojacking': Everything you wanted to know

Know this fact first that nothing in this world comes for free. There is always some hidden benefit that the service providers get via the deal. You can understand this concept better by taking the example of free apps and websites that you use in your daily life. For sure you aren’t paying a single penny for using the website or app, but they bombard your computer with ads and collect data from your system. One of the latest trends that we heard about is the generation of virtual currencies from the user's system.

How to protect your computer from 'Cryptojacking': Everything you wanted to know

Well, advertising pays websites and apps to some extent, but it is not a viable option in this highly competitive market. Taking this fact into consideration, you too would agree that this situation can soon become a something that we get used to. You should know that cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are not manufactured or created via the central bank, but are mined via the computers solving hard and complex equations.

By now you must have understood that cryptojacking means using your computer secretly in order to mine currency. The hidden mining software can be installed on your system via any ad that uses JavaScript code. You won’t have any idea that any code will be running in the background while you will be using an infected website. Well, like any disease and infection cryptojacking too have some symptoms that one can look for in order to know if he or she has been hit by crypto jackers or not. Most of the people who have are being used by cryptojackers complain about slower processing speed and slower internet connection. In addition to that your computer’s battery too will drain at a much faster rate. High CPU usage does not always mean crypto jacking, however. If you’re using an old PC and visiting a site with modern improvements, this may cause high usage by itself. Crypto jacking doesn’t aim to harm people’s computers and data, still, it can be a big issue.

There are ample amount of ways to prevent cryptocurrency mining from taking place. One of them is the use of Chrome extensions, which are small programs that help to enhance and modify the functionality of the Chrome web browser. Another method of blocking cryptocurrency mining is with ad blockers. Browser settings will allow you to manually block certain domains in different browsers.
Now you know what it is, how it works, and how to avoid cryptojacking. If you have a desire to keep your computer free from the grasps of cryptojackers, then you should consider using software tool which keeps an eye on the code as it runs like an ad-blocker. 

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