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Friday, January 5, 2018

UIDAI has denied the Aadhaar data leak report in Rs. 500, said 'Aadhaar data is Fully Safe and Secure'

UIDAI has rejected the news report that received the base data can be bought with 500 rupees. UIDAI termed the report as a case of “misreporting” and said that the base data is not leaked and personal information of the base is safe.

UIDAI says that some people have taken the wrong advantage of the facilities given to special officers. According to the Authority, through this service, its information is collected after losing its base number. Only names and some information can be obtained from this, not biometric information.

The Authority also told that people using this special facility are monitored, and they can be traced. UIDAI assures that the base data cannot be used without biometrics.

In fact, earlier in a news report, in the 10 minutes instead of 500 rupees, crores of people claimed to be aware of the base data. According to a news report, instead of Rs 500, an unknown person was given a software through WhatsApp, through which information of base data of nearly one billion people could be taken.

According to the report, an agent was given Rs.500 through Paytm. After 10 minutes a person gave a log ID and password. Through this, the complete information of any base number on the portal could be obtained.

Apart from this, it has also been reported in the report that after giving 300 rupees, the agent provided such software through which the basis of any person could be printed.

The report claims that around one lakh people are involved in this racket. These are those people who were given the responsibility of forming Aadhar cards across the country under the Common Service Scheme by the IT Ministry.

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